Better Business

A responsible business is one that looks ahead to the future and anticipates the challenges of tomorrow. We are building developments that are future-ready; investing in clean technology, supporting our local economy, and investing in the workforce of today – and tomorrow. We want to empower those who work with us to tackle the big challenges we’re facing while maintaining the attention to detail that has been our signature for the past 30 years.

We take responsibility for the health, wellbeing and security of everyone who comes to Canary Wharf. When people work in an environment that prioritises their safety and security, productivity increases, creativity flourishes and wellbeing improves. We also want to empower the workforce of tomorrow to protect the future of our community, making sure no one is left behind and including everyone in the journey.

One of our core values as an organisation is that we are committed to doing the right thing with integrity. We listen closely to what our stakeholders tell us, and we maintain open and honest communication at all times. We want to make our stakeholders proud of the places we create, and to make Canary Wharf Group a better business for everyone.

1 million
hours worked without a serious work-related injury on all large-scale projects

consecutive year that Canary Wharf Management achieved RoSPA Gold Award


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