Providing Healthy Spaces

Spending time in healthy, outdoor spaces is essential for human health and wellbeing. Canary Wharf features over 20 acres of parks, squares and gardens, and supports 348,000 m3 of open water. We strive to create these spaces where nature and architecture come together to create truly inspirational environments. Our Biodiversity Action Plan sets out our plans for continuing to support and enhance the naturally occurring wildlife on our developments, as well as for maximising the health and wellbeing of the people who use them. We have developed a bespoke Health and Wellbeing Strategy that enables us to maximise opportunities for enhancing internal environment and improve indoor air quality.

Wood Wharf

Canary Wharf’s new district Wood Wharf embodies the community atmosphere we strive to create in all of our developments. The mixed-use scheme will provide 1.9 million sq. ft of office space, 490,000 sq. ft of retail and over 3,000 new homes and will feature nine acres of riverside parks and gardens. Healthy outdoor spaces are incredibly important for mental health and wellbeing, providing an opportunity to embrace nature even in the heart of the city, where people can come together, relax and unwind. We are excited to welcome our first residents to Wood Wharf in 2020, creating a new community of residents and continuing to build on the community we’ve been creating for the last 30 years.

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