Aligning with the SDGs

Imagine a world where all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are met. We have 10 years to meet these goals, that’s why the SDGs are an integral part of the CWG Strategy. We have aligned ourselves with the SDGs, focusing on those Goals that will make a significant impact. The Goals give us a framework for a sustainable future; by working together, we can make this vision a reality.


Climate Action

Imagine a commercial district that uses its collective impact to prevent global heating, where we can join together with our tenants to be more impactful and innovative, helping to secure cheaper and cleaner energy. We’ve developed Science Based Targets and, as part of the Better Buildings Partnership Climate Change Commitment, we are working on a net zero carbon roadmap to help guide us in our journey to becoming a carbon neutral organisation. We have purchased 100% renewable electricity since 2012 and we are developing an engagement platform to support our tenants in switching over to renewable energy in order to address our Estate-wide emissions.



Imagine a place where the physical and psychological wellbeing of every individual is enhanced. Wellbeing is key to how we approach our developments and how we engage with our customers, employees, visitors and the local community. Our wellbeing programme includes clear targets for increasing biodiversity across the Estate, improving air quality and providing mental health support. We are developing a health and wellbeing monitoring system that improves quality of life and attracts wildlife. In this report we have provided an update on our Biodiversity Action Plan, published in 2018, which outlines how we are designing projects and managing our assets to deliver biodiversity net gains throughout our operations.


Beyond Zero Waste

Imagine a district where nothing is wasted; where every resource is recirculated and reused. That’s the vision we have for Canary Wharf. We’re a leader in plastic and waste reduction, and we want to use our expertise to tackle not only plastic, but all waste. In 2019 we were the first commercial centre in the world to achieve Plastic Free Communities status from marine conservation charity Surfers Against Sewage, and we are carrying that momentum forward to close the loop on all materials at Canary Wharf and across our operations to create a truly circular economy.


Responsible Business

Imagine a district that creates more than it uses; where positive impact is tracked, monitored and reported regularly. We have a 30-year history of positive impact on our community, through support of local business, volunteering in local schools, and delivering projects that create real value for our community. The Responsible Business Working Group is working to create a long-term roadmap with specific, measurable targets on community outreach, diversity and inclusion, supply chain engagement, social value and risk and resilience in order to maximise the value we create for stakeholders and continue to build on our long-standing relationships with our local community.

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